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Diary of a Silly Woman:

Why does a 50-something-year-old woman with four dogs and a beloved Volkswagen Beetle drive from Alaska to Mexico – and back?

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Why does a 50-something year old woman with four dogs and a beloved Volkswagen Beetle, drive from Alaska to Mexico — and back? In October 2008, Karen and her four dogs loaded up her beloved VW in Homer, Alaska and headed south in search of the sun. Along the way they meet an Italian piercing doctor, sign-up with the Diet Center, hitch a ride on a tow truck from Nogales, Senora to Nogales, Arizona, hire a fitness coach, become runners, get stranded in the huge city of Hermosillo where no perros are allowed in hotels, hike a monstrous rock face mountain, learn Spanish and have the international adventure of a lifetime. South of the border they found adventure in the land of sun, sand, tequila and beautiful people.




Tails of a Dogsitter



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Read about some talented Alaska dogs—where surprisingly, all dogs are not Huskies. Meet a food-snaggin’ Cocker Spaniel that leaps tall tables in
a single bound—for a crum; an old English Sheepdog and a yellow Lab that become bonded at the throat on a cold, winter morning, and a Basset Hound that hitches a ride on Easy Street. Add to the mix, a snoring chocolate Lab that wakes up the house; a Samoyed that opens doors and gates to let nine dogs out to rock n’ roll in a snow blizzard, and a boomerang Aussie that just keeps coming back—after being picked up. The characters in this screenplay called dog camp are hilarious, and will keep you smilin’. These vignettes are mere snippets into the life of a dogsitter.


The Diary of Mabel the Rescued Cocker

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Once upon a time a very old, black cocker spaniel ran away from home in search of a human to love her. She was found stuck in a ravine in Anchor Point, Alaska. No one knows how long she was in that frigid water. Finally, a lady walking her dog thought she heard a baby crying, and hiked through thick alders down into the ravine to find a little dog, close to death. 

This is her story, in her own words. 

Mabel was a beautiful spirit, both inside and out. She brought joy and comfort to our lives and taught us about grace, tolerance and perseverance. She showed us how to slow down and live in the moment, with an open heart. We will be forever grateful to the little black cocker that could. 




Karen Roush is a writer, artist, road-tripper, international dogsitter, substitute high school teacher, yoga instructor and dog lover. She has completed course work for an MFA in photography, published short stories and poetry, and wrote a weekly dog advice column in a newspaper for many years. Karen currently owns and operates an upscale dog retreat for the well-pampered dog, (www.tailsbythebaydogcamp.com) and enjoys life with her five cocker spaniels and a basset hound named DoDog. The dogs are an integral part of the adventure. Diary of a Silly Woman is the lst book in the series “Tales of Wanderlust.”

 Look for her next book to be released soon.