TBTB practices Wu Wei, the true way of the dog. Translated, Wu Wei simply means the art of not doing. Dogs are happy to just be. We learn so much by sharing their time and space. At Tails-By-The-Bay Adventure Dog Camp (TBTB) your dog will discover freedom, adventure and new friends in a secure, natural environment and beach playground. Your dog will spend time being pampered, socialized, mentally stimulated and nurtured, along with a carefully selected handful of his peers.

Our facility is a beautiful Alaskan log cottage located on 2.5 acres in coastal Homer, Alaska . As a guest in our home your dog will become part of the family pack enjoying lots of hugs, belly rubs and special treats. He will also enjoy hiking, outdoor playtime and a box full of interesting toys.
Whether your dog is staying for a fun week of camp, an overnight or two, or just for the day he will be howling about it for months! Your dog will come home invigorated, happy and well-behaved. Here are just a few fun things your dog can count on during his stay with us:

  • Individual Pup Tents and Plush Pillows
  • Organic Whole Foods and Treats prepared onsite
  • Kong Dining for mental stimulation
  • Daily Beach Walks
  • Play Time
  • Weekly Trail Hikes
  • Pup-Pop, Filtered Water
  • Photo Greeting Card and Personal Essay from your dog
  • Tails-By-The-Bay Adventure Camp Certificate