Luce Goosey is an 17-year old very feminine lady with all the girlie tricks that males love. She is a beautiful  parti-colored blonde girl. She adores other canines and practices flirting and turning on her charm to all.
Woody Boy is a sweet 16-year old red/white parti-colored guy who loves to compete at fetch and welcomes all canines that want to race. He sleeps underneath the down comforter, no matter how hot it is outside!
A Basset Hound named Zippety-Do-Dog loves all humans, animals and kids. DoDog is a 12-year old beautiful tricolor hound. She is the social butterfly of the pack and has never known a stranger. Her attitude is the more dogs around the better.
RockDog is a merry English Cocker Spaniel who loves to play with the big dogs. He is a blue roan & tan spaniel who loves treats, belly rubs, and all his friends at Tails-By-The-Bay. Rockers will be five on January 11, 2015.
bunbunfinal Bunny is a California girl that arrived at dog camp in hopes of finding her forever home. She has been officially adopted by TBTB Dog Camp and now spends her time flushing birds out of bushes.
chapter 47 with border Another California girl, Misty Ann came to TBTB as a foster girl in hopes of finding her forever home. After many hilarious, yet annoying pranks that most potential adopters would not find funny, Misty Ann was renamed AnnBanan and adopted by Tails-By-The-Bay Dog Camp.
me and dogs close up 2 Owner/Operator Karen Roush is a photographer with a passion for canines. She has operated a doggie B&B for a decade. Karen has published fine art calendars featuring dogs from all over the US, donating a percentage of all proceeds to homeless dogs. She wrote a newspaper dog advice column for many years, and spent time as a volunteer for the Humane Society in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. TBTB Dog Camp fosters Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds in need, and places them in loving homes.