What the Dogs are Howling About!


Wizard loves coming to the Dog Camp, he gets so excited when we turn down your street.

-Pam Ellingberg




Peanut loves sleeping on the bed at home. We are so happy she can do that at the B&B too.
-Sharon & Bill Stover


Buddy had a ball at the beach and thanks so much for the thyroid advice. We took him to the vet and sure enough he had a problem. With medication he has lost so much weight and looks great. He has the energy of a puppy again!
-Diane Quinn


Now that Maxi has left us, we are so thankful for the greeting card picture that we got from the B&B. She looks so content.
-Bill & Casey Sheppard


Theo Leo LOVES his Kong dining. What a great idea. Thanks!
-Dianne Smith


Bear Girl was so exhausted from all the fun she had at camp that she slept for 3 days straight.Thanks!
-Terry Schneider