The philosophy of TBTB is that all dogs will have fun, meet new friends, get lots of exercise, eat organic foods and be rewarded for just being a dog. We specialize in premium dog care and believe your dog should have the best. With only five dogs permitted in camp per week, your dog will receive the individualized care and attention he deserves.

TBTB supports the need for good nutrition and believes an organic food diet is best for maintaining your dog’s optimum health. Your dog will enjoy organic meals in style at TBTB. All meals are prepared onsite with fresh ingredients. For breakfast he will be served organic grain, and flavored homemade yogurt with fresh fruit mixed with his kibble.

We offer a variety of premium natural kibble brands, plus organic treats, filtered water and a homemade food supplement. The evening meal will consist of the homemade food supplement (made with spinach, grain, parsley, yams, and other yummy things) mixed with premium kibble and served in a Kong. Dogs love the challenge of working the food out of the Kong and it provides them good mental stimulation.

Training Treats are homemade at TBTB. Dogs especially love our liver bars, peanut butter biscuits and cheese cookies! We are always trying out new recipes on our canine friends.

All meals are included at TBTB. If your dog has special diet requirements, we are happy to accommodate him if you provide us the food and a list of instructions.