Share the Woof Foundation (STWF) is a non-profit rescue for abandoned, senior cocker spaniels. We are a small rescue providing fospices care for elderly dogs. Our mission is to house five dogs at any one time, and depending on the dog, finding foster homes for them to live out their lives in comfort and love. Many will stay at STWF, but if a dog is able to be fostered, we then free up a space to rescue another senior.

STWF was inspired by Mabel, the little black cocker that could. We rescued Mabel from the shelter where she was taken after being found in a ravine filled with water. She was scheduled to be euthanized because of her frail condition. When we rescued her, she was fifteen. She lived another eight months happy and loved.

Her story—The Diary of Mabel, the Rescued Cocker—is dedicated to senior cockers surrendered to shelters because their humans give up on them, or don’t want to deal with their health issues. Worse yet, is the owner that turns in the old dog because they want a puppy. So many old souls are relinquished in their golden years to a likely death sentence. These abandoned dogs are confused, terrified and heartbroken. All they want is to go home. They deserve so much more from us, their guardians. We are the center of their Universe. One only has to look into the soulful eyes of an old dog to see the wisdom and love that lies deep within. Mabel was the motivation behind starting STWF for seniors. Although we would like to rescue any dog in need, our focus is cocker spaniels. Dogs accepted into STWF will spend their golden days, months or years, being pampered, spoiled, loved, catered to, cooked for, and cared about, by many two and four-legged friends.

We are in the paperwork process of establishing a 501C non-profit status. Please consider donating to STWF. No donation is too small, and it’s easy – go to PayPal

Woof! Woof!